Thursday, January 10, 2008

Roasted Chili Peppers

Wash chili peppers (I usually buy Poblano or Anaheim, the largest I can find; they are best for stuffing and can be cut into smaller pieces for other uses). Photos all show Anaheim chilies.

Put chili peppers on a baking pan, place under broiler and roast, approximately 3-6 minutes, until skin is brown and blistered. Check often - don’t burn! Flip chilies and roast other side, approximately 3-6 minutes, until skin is brown and blistered. Again, check often - don’t burn!

Remove from oven and roll chili peppers in a damp dish towel. Let wrapped chilies sit for several minutes before removing skin and seeds. If chilies are to be frozen and some of the skin is difficult to remove, just let it remain on the chili. Once the chili has been frozen and thawed, the remaining skin will easily peel off the chili.

NOTE: When I am able to find good chili peppers in season, I usually roast a lot at the same time and freeze for later use.  To freeze,  I wrap 1-3 chilies in plastic wrap and place these individual packages in a large zip-lock plastic bag, which I label with type of chili and date.

Fresh or frozen Poblano or Anaheim chili is great in omelettes and Polo Relleno.  I use the Poblano chili (fresh/frozen) for Stuffed Poblano Peppers and Poblano Chili Stuffed with Pumpkin. I use the Anaheim chili (fresh/frozen) for Chili Rellenos and Chili Stuffed with Goat Cheese, Pears and Maple Walnuts.

Reviewed 8/30/2017

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