Saturday, January 26, 2008

Linguine with Fresh Tomatoes

4-6 servings

This is a wonderful dish to serve when local tomatoes and basil are in season. I especially like to do it with a variety of colors, combining red, orange and yellow tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes of various colors also work well.In a glass serving bowl, large enough to accommodate the pasta,  combine:

4 large ripe tomatoes cut into ½ inch cubes (or 1 quart cherry tomatoes)
1 c washed and dried fresh basil leaves, cut into strips
3 cloves garlic, peeled and finely minced
1/4 c olive oil

Let sit at room temperature for at least one and preferably several hours before serving.

OPTIONAL: About half an hour before serving add to the tomato mix:
1 ball fresh mozzarella, torn in small pieces.

Serve at room temperature tossed with:

1 pound* linguine, cooked and drained (do not cool before tossing)

Garnish with:

Parmesan cheese

VARIATIONS:  Use penne, pappardelle (shown in photo at left), spaghetti or other shaped pasta.

August 2013: This is a spectacular dish when made with cherry tomatoes of different colors.  I usually omit the mozzarella (more healthy) and serve over Gemelli (though less healthy than whole wheat pasta).


Sometimes Chris brings us winter tomatoes, and some times winter basil.  When I have basil without tomatoes I make a version of this recipe using just the oil, garlic, and basil.  I top this with Leigh's tomato powder, but were I not fortuate to recieve such I nice gift I could make do with a few chopped sun dired tomatoes.  Often I also add quartered olives and/or capers too.  Garnish with grated Parmesean cheese

**  May 2017: I find I am using less pasta and more sauce these days. 6 oz of pasta would be plenty for Ed and me. For more guidance see HOW MUCH PASTA TO COOK (bottom of post).

Reviewed 5/30/2017

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