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This recipe collection started when Alexandra and then Christopher headed off to college, began cooking for themselves, and often asked me to e-mail a recipe. Thinking that when the collection got large enough I would make a CD for a few family members, I began to collect these favorites, noting anecdotes, people or special occasions associated with the recipe, in a “CD Cookbook” file. 

Then in 2007 as a Christmas present, Christopher set up a Moveable-Type Platform blog for me (I’m sure he would point out that the domain name is my idea) with the thought that the recipes would be much more accessible. In October 2010 he surprised me with this blog, with the contents of the old blog imported. As a "Googler Mom", I am very happy to have this Google-hosted blog. As Christopher told me it would be, it is so much easier to use and has so many more features. Thank you Christopher!

The recipes run the gamut from traditional family recipes, handed down for two to four generations (those are often the ones full of bacon fat and butter) to recipes I have added very recently (these comprise most of the veggie/vegan entrée section). Many of the recipes are my own or were given to me by family members or friends or begged or intuited from restaurants, but I have also included a few recipes from several of my favorite cookbooks. When I have done this I have cited the source and tried to document any adaptations I have made to the original recipes so you can adjust to your preferences.

My Mom (who Alex, Chris and my husband Ed call "Moogie") moved from New Mexico to New Hampshire in 1945. She had grown up eating and loving hot food, especially enchiladas and tamales. Living in New Hampshire in the 1950's it was difficult to procure the ingredients for these recipes. Today with fresh tortillas ubiquitous and chili grown in Massachusetts (though I still use Hatch chili for making Enchilada Sauce),  making Mexican dishes in New England is no longer an ingredient challenge. Since this blog is heavy on "Mexican food", I've included a separate category for these recipes.

Condor, our 37 foot sloop has three alcohol burners, an alcohol oven and a gas grill which allow me to make many of the recipes on this blog.  On extended cruises the problem is usually not the preparation but obtaining the ingredients, although the emergence of farmers's markets along the coast in recent years has helped considerably. There are some recipes, however, that are particularly suited to the boat because they can be made from ingredients that store well on board. "condor" contains these recipes, as well as our favorite cabin warmer, Blueberry Cobbler.

Especially  in recent years I have had the opportunity to travel with Ed.  This has lead to lots of new recipe ideas, reverse-engineered from some of the restaurants we have tried. Occasionally I have even come home with the recipe in hand.  "travel/places" contains brief summaries of these trips not only commenting on the food but also offering descriptions of hikes and other activities we did to work off the calories. 


NOTE: I once made something that I though was excellent and asked Christopher how he liked it. He replied, "Good."  When I responded, "Just good?", he retorted, "If I told you it was excellent, you would not strive to improve." Since I am constantly striving to improve even "good" recipes, I do return on occasion to modify a post. I also return to posts to add or replace a photo.

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