Friday, January 25, 2008

Wild Rice Mix

This is a good one dish accompaniment for a fall or winter dinner.

Cook rice according to package instructions (if cooking time is different, rice needs to be cooked separately and then combined).

2 c wild rice
2 c wild rice blend (I use Lundberg Wild Blend)
(optional: use mushroom stock (or vegetable stock) instead of water when making the rice)

I have not given amounts for the veggies as this dish can be made either as mostly rice with a few veggies or more equal parts of veggies and rice. I tend to do 1 c of veggies: 1 c wild rice: 1 c wild rice blend. This makes a lot of rice; you may want to make half a recipe or freeze some rice for later use; once veggies have been added the mixture does not freeze as successfully.


Olive oil (heat oil first), enough to very thinly coat pan bottom
Carrots, cut in very thin julienne
Scallions, sliced in thin rings

When carrots are almost tender (2-3 minutes) add:

Sliced mushrooms - a mix of wild mushrooms, including chanterelles is fabulous but expensive. I usually use Portabello/baby bella/crimini/shitake, but add some wilder ones if I can find them at a reasonable price.

Mix sauteed veggies with rice and serve. This may be made in advance of serving and then warmed before serving.

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