Saturday, January 19, 2008

Dip for Fresh Veggies

This recipe from Moogie is a great basic recipe to play with -  increase the amount of some ingredients, omit others based on availability and your taste - use chopped fresh parsley (or other herbs) when available or try non-fat yogurt in place of some or all of the mayonnaise.

Mix by blender or spoon:

½ lemon, juice only (~2 T lemon juice)
½ medium onion [I use 2 T sweet onion], finely chopped
1 t salt [I omit]
½ t pepper
¼ t dry mustard
½ t curry powder
1 T catsup
1 T paprika
¼ t red pepper [Cayenne]

Then add:

½ t dry parsley
1 T horseradish
¼ t celery seed

1 pint mayonnaise [I use Spectrum canola light mayo and/or non-fat yogurt]

Serve with fresh veggies.

Reviewed 5/15/17

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