Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Teriyaki Flank Steak

The original recipe came from Moogie. Moogie makes a lot of marinade and serves extra as sauce with the steak. I don’t like to do this unless marinade is boiled for at least ten minutes and this tends to reduce the remaining marinade considerably. I have cut the amount of liquids so that all marinade is used in marinating and basting the steak.

With a sharp knife remove tough membrane [as well as any fat] on the outside of a

1 ½ pound flank steak

Place the steak in a shallow dish in which the steak can lie flat. Mix the following and pour over the steak:

½ c soy sauce [I use 2 T]
½ c oil [I use 2 T olive oil]
¼ c dry cooking sherry [I use 1 T or often omit]
2 medium cloves crushed garlic [I use finely chopped garlic]
2 T grated fresh ginger root*
I T grated orange or tangerine rind [I omit rind and use ¼ c orange juice]

Marinate two hours, turning steak over occasionally [I often marinate for only an hour]. Cook on grill brushing with marinade until cooked to desired doneness [remember meat will keep cooking for a while when it is removed from grill and it is best to remove ~10 minutes before slicing] . Cut diagonally in thin pieces.

* January 2015: Chris has convinced me to use ~1 1/2 t ground ginger (or more to taste). He argues it is easier (no grating) to prepare, easier to store and makes much less of a mess on the grill.

Reviewed 5/7/17

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