Monday, May 24, 2010

Christopher's Basil Garden

Christopher's Basil
When we walked into Christopher's Brooklyn loft two weekends ago, I was blown away by the six bigs pots of basil he had growing on his plant shelf. His watering system which had been down for extensive repairs was up and running again. I had just purchased some pots of herbs (mint, sage, rosemary,and  thyme) from Verrill Farms and had I known Christopher's watering system was working again, I would have brought some herbs to Brooklyn. When I mentioned this, Christopher responded he much preferred to grow things from seeds. (Take note; I live in the country, why aren't I doing seeds? If my purchased herbs don't last the winter, seeds next spring.)

Mom's Cop-out Garden
But more about the watering system. As we were sitting having a glass of wine, at exactly 8 pm I heard running water behind me. I turned to face the plant shelf and saw streams of water being delivered to the center of each pot. The water goes into the pots and any excess lands in the tray below the pots where it is directed to the basin on the shelf below. This water, when the next watering time comes, is then pumped up and delivered through the tubing with strategic holes directly above the plants. Pretty slick. I need to figure out an arrangement like this for when we leave my herbs to go to the boat.

June 2017: Despite the fact that Alex and I live in "the country", Chris, now living in Somerville, is still the family gardner.  He brought us tomatoes in the winter and lettuce last night from his community garden plot.  Looking forward to garden tomatoes!

Reviewed 6/19/2017

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