Saturday, January 19, 2008

Heath Bar Cake

Decadent but delicious! A birthday cake favorite. This recipe is from Moogie and is a good recipe if you want to get the kids involved. Even when I made the actual cake, Alex and Christopher used to like to crush the Heath Bars when we made this cake. Christopher constructed this cake for Ed’s June 1, 1993 birthday. Consider buying extra Heath Bars if the kids are helping.

Make one Angel Cake.

Mix and leave overnight [I usually leave a couple hours, seldom overnight]

1 pint whipping cream
1 c confectioner’s sugar

4 T cocoa [the darker chocolate the better, I use Ghiradelli Unsweetened Cocoa]

Remove from refrigerator and whip until stiff.

Using meat-mallet or other hammer-like instrument, crush between layers of wax paper on a cutting board

6 Heath [toffee] Bars

Add 2/3 of the Heath Bars to the whipped cream (mixture can then be refrigerated for up to 8 hours)

Split Angel Cake horizontally once or twice, using toothpicks for guidelines (one toothpick on top half of cake, one directly below on bottom half). Spread some of the whipped cream mixture between layers and sprinkle with some chopped heath bars, then place top half of cake on bottom half, aligning (then removing) toothpicks. Spread the rest of the whipped cream mixture on the top and sides of cake. Sprinkle remaining crushed Heath Bars on top. Chill and serve.

Christopher does candles and serves Heath Bar Cake for Alexandra's 1992 Birthday:

Reviewed 5/11/17

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