Saturday, January 12, 2008

Mexican Food

My Mom (who Alex, Chris and my husband Ed call "Moogie") moved from New Mexico to New Hampshire in 1945. She had grown up eating and loving hot food, especially enchiladas (photo at left) and tamales. In the 1950's in order to make enchiladas in New Hampshire she had to bring cans of ("Old El Paso") tortillas and enchilada sauce from New Mexico. Eventually we could buy the canned tortillas and sauce at the Hanover Co-op. Today with fresh tortillas ubiquitous and chili grown in Massachusetts (though I still use Hatch chili for making enchilada sauce),  making Mexican dishes in New England is less of an ingredient challenge. Since this blog is heavy on Mexican food (a Johns/Densmore and Densmore/Kern family favorite), I've included a separate category for these recipes.

Reviewed 9/23/2017

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