Thursday, January 10, 2008

Beef and Broccoli

Variation (with carrots)
Adapted from The Modern Art of Chinese Cooking by Barbara Tropp, a gift from Christopher many years ago.

Serves 2 as a main course, 3-6 as part of a multi-course meal:

½ pound round or flank steak trimmed of all fat and sliced thin against the grain

1-1 ½ pounds fresh broccoli

Marinate the beef 30 minutes to 2 hours in refrigerator in a marinade made by blending:

2 T soy sauce or tamari
½ t white sugar
1 ½ t cornstarch
1 t peanut oil

Cut the broccoli flowerets from the main stem at the point where the thin stalks join the main stem. If necessary cut flowerets into bite size pieces, cutting parallel to stems. Peel the outer skin from the thick stalks, Cut the peeled stem on the diagonal into elongated coins ¼ “ thick. (Cut and peeled, the broccoli may be refrigerated in a plastic bag overnight.)

Before cooking bring the meat to room temperature and have a bowl to hold the broccoli nearby.

To a hot wok add:

3 T peanut oil

Tip pan to coat with oil then reduce heat to medium high. Add the broccoli and stir fry briskly to coat all the pieces evenly, adjusting the heat to maintain a sizzle without scortching the vegetables. When glazed, after 30 seconds or so, sprinkle with:

½ t kosher salt
½ t sugar

and toss briskly to coat. Sprinkle

1 T Chinese rice wine or dry sherry

wait a split second for it to “explode” in a fragrant hiss, then add

3 T water

Stir to coat, shake the pan to even the contents, then raise heat if required to bring the liquids to a simmer. Cover and cook fro 3-4 minutes, until broccoli is tender but still crisp. Remove broccoli to bowl and cover to keep warm.

Wipe the pan and return to high heat until hot enough to evaporate water on contact. Add:

3 T peanut oil

Tip pan to coat with oil then reduce heat to medium high. When oil is hot enough to sizzle one bit of ginger add:

1-2 t finely minced ginger

Adjust heat so it foams without browning. Add the beef and toss briskly to separate the slices, adjusting heat to maintain a sizzle. When the meat is 90% gray [I take this to mean well seared on both sides - don't overcook] add:

1 T oyster sauce mixed with 2 t water

Stir to combine and remove pan from heat. Add broccoli, toss well and serve immediately.


Add other vegetables such as sliced onions and/or carrots.  Carrots and onions should cook longer than the broccoli so cook first, using same technique and ingredients as when cooking broccoli, scaled for quantity, and set aside.

Add scallions.  Slice white bulb of scallion into small slices and cook with ginger.  Slice greens of scallion into ~ 1/2 inch slices and add to beef when it is almost cooked.

Reviewed 5/7/17

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