Monday, November 8, 2010

Poached Figs

Serves 2

This dessert is inspired by an amazing fig tart Ed and I had recently at le Figuier in Perpignan. Returning home I found some fresh figs. Both for calories and expediency,  I skipped the pastry.

In a small sauce pan,  poach

6 fresh figs in:

50% water (just enough so the water and wine cover the figs)
50% white wine
1 T sugar
1 T lemon juice
Lemon zest

Bring the water to a boil just until the sugar is dissolved and then simmer for just a couple of minutes until the pears are very soft.  Serve these with:

Stonyfield Farm non-fat vanilla yogurt topped with:

Lemon zest and
Fresh rosemary and/or thyme


Surround a scoop of vanilla ice cream/vanilla frozen yogurt with a few fresh figs, sliced in half, and top with orange fused olive oil and fresh rosemary.

Reviewed 10/1/2017

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