Monday, May 21, 2012

Ginger Lime Mahi-mahi with Pea Tendrils

This recipe first came together after I purchased some Pea Tendrils and then found that mahi-mahi was on special.  Although I've eaten mahi-mahi on several occasions, most often coated with macademia nuts, I have never cooked it.  Wanting the fish to work with the pea tendrils, I though of my Tuna Steaks with Wasabi Butter recipe and modified it accordingly.

Serves 2

Marinate for ~1/2 hour

~2/3 pound piece of mahi mahi
2 T lime juice
1 t tamari/soy sauce
1 t sesame seed oil
1 t grated fresh ginger

Spread ginger and return liquid to top of fish frequently.

Grill fish on aluminum foil over medium heat for approximately 12 minutes or until mahi-mahi is white (check with a knife between the flakes). Just before the fish is cooked, in a small wok heat:

1 t sesame seed oil  then add
2-4* ounces pea tendrils (any tough stems removed)

Cook, stirring a minute or two just until the leaves are coated with oil and slightly wilted.  Remove immediately and divide between two plates.

Cut fish in half, remove from foil (skin should stick to and remain on foil) and place a piece of fish on top of the pea tendrils on each plate.

Served with asparagus this makes a wonderful spring meal.

* Use ~2 or ~4 ounces total depending on fondness for pea tendrils, other components of the meal and desired plating effect.  ~2 ounces of pea tendrils per person is shown in photo at top of page; ~ 1 ounce per person in photo at left and in photo below.


Follow directions given above but use 1 chicken breast per person (or if breast is large, 1 breast and slice after cooking).


Substitute wild salmon for mahi mahi.

Reviewed 5/22/2017

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