Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Salmon with Red Miso Sauce

Believe it or not this recipe comes from Christopher (more or less, he never gives me actual measurements) who gave up fish from the summer he caught a bluefish off the Annisquam Canal (in 1992 and we ate it for most of the next week) until the chefs at Google convinced him that fish could be tasty (2000).

For 2 people


~2/3 pound skinless wild salmon. pin bones removed (I opt for the thicker end, and usually cook with skin on), in a well blended mixture of:

1 T red miso
1 t soy sauce
1 t sesame seed oil
1 T orange/lime juice
2 T dark brown sugar

If cooking with skin on, place salmon on a piece of aluminum foil with edges of foil slightly turned up to contain any dripping marinade.

Cook on grill or broil basting frequently for about 5 minutes a side or 10 minutes total if cooking on foil (a little more or less depending on thickness). If the fish is not skinless, remove from aluminum foil leaving cooked skin on the foil.

Serve sprinkled with:

Toasted sesame seeds (my addition).

I love serving this in the spring topped with:

1 bunch baby scallions, bottoms trimmed, basted in olive oil and lightly grilled (if baby scallions are not available, (uncooked) chopped scallion greens also work).


Use orange juice not lime juice and instead of salmon use 21-25 count shrimp, 6-7 per person; skewer and grill or broil  ~3 minutes per side, about 5- 6 minutes total, until firm and pink.

Reviewed 5/23/2017

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