Thursday, June 8, 2023

Avocado TIp - Keep It Greener!

 About a year ago I read somewhere that cutting an avocado with a ceramic knife rather than a stainless steel one would minimize the browing effect. If I remembered the exact source, I would give due credit,  but there is currently lots of support for this on the internet. After many avocadoes, I've decided that unlike the tightly wrap, rub with lemon juice, keep the pit in theories - this really works!                                

Freshly cut avocado.

Same avocado 28 hours later after being lightly covered and stored in a closed container.  I know,  I should have done a control comparison using a stainless steel knife, but knowing how well the ceramic knife works, I didn't want to trash an avocado.

Avocado cut for lunch then stored wrapped as shown above. Opened the following morning (19 hours later) and cut for avocodo toast.

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