Sunday, August 14, 2016

Make Strawberry Stains Vanish

Ever take a toddler strawberry picking, or for that matter give the toodler warm, juicy strawberries to eat?  The delightful result is a trickle of strawberry juice out the corners of the mouth and down the front of the shirt.  When Henry recently decorated his shirt with red strawberry juice, Alex said not to worry just pour boiling water over the stains.  Hot water removes strawberry stains!
I felt like a magician! On contact with boiling water the stains vanished.  Alex advises, DO NOT use any soap or other stain remover on the fabric before applying the hot water. If other treatments are used prior to the hot water, the stains will not dissappear.

Wish I had known this trick last Christmas when strawberry juice from our Strawberry Shortcake ended up on my white table cloth.
And, I must confess this technique also worked well on my clothes after a recent morning of strawberry picking.
Reviewed 9/20/2017

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