Monday, July 1, 2013


A few night ago after Ed and I had just finished some of the strawberries I had picked, Ed looked over at my plate and said, "What a mess!"   Proffering his own plate, he continued that for someone who was so focused on presenting food, I didn't care much about, "de-plating".

On his plate, the strawberry stems, cut carefully from the berry with his small buck knife, with a small cone of white strawberry flesh still attached, were arranged clock fashion. (Not only did he consider this much more attractive but in his nerdy way easier to keep track of the number of strawberries he had consumed.)

On my plate, the strawberry stems, pulled from the berry were randomly strewn.

Thinking of the chefs who buy a whole local pig and then in attempt to utilize everything but the squeal offer "pork three ways", why not strawberries ringed with tiny stems and reduced balsamic?

Reviewed 9/21/2017

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