Friday, January 7, 2011

Best Christmas Present of All

The best Christmas present of all is having family together and this year we were delighted to have Chris, Alex and Dan and Moogie (in order of arrival) here for a great Christmas visit. Alex and Dan, who had received a pasta maker as a gift last Christmas, gave Christopher one this year. Then Alex and  Dan (grounded in Lincoln for an extra 24 hours because of a snow storm) and Christopher decided to shop and make dinner the night after Christmas.  A real treat for me!

They made fresh pasta and cooked a wonderful pork ragu from a recipe Alex and Dan had used before (omitting the pancetta, mushroom demi glaze and using considerably less pork).

It was absolutely delicious!  Christopher declared the pasta a bit "rustic", and I understand that since returning to Brooklyn, he has been perfecting the pasta recipe and  technique and will hopefully post the results on this blog soon :-)

This was a gift that kept on giving. Ed and I enjoyed the rest of the Pork Ragu, albeit with store bought fresh pasta for New Year's (photo lower left).

Reviewed 9/20/2017

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